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Washer repair

All washing machines, from grandmother’s historic wringer washer to the new, cutting-edge front loading washing machine, necessitate care and cleaning to work better, last longer and function more effectively to save energy. Laundry appliances are among the highest energy users in the home.

Front loading washers will use considerably less water than the traditional top loader; nevertheless, that does not indicate you ought to rush out to get a newer one! Listed below are a few  energy economizing hints provided by the local washer and dryer repair tech:

• Wash clothes in cold water to spare the energy needed to heat up the water

• When practical do full loads. The washer consumes an equal amount of energy to handle small and large loads, so fill it up.

• Take advantage of the highest spin cycle to extract as much water as possible prior to placing in the dryer

• An effective routine maintenance tip is to clean the washing machine by doing an empty load with white vinegar or bleach. This will clear away mold and mildew inside the drum which may be causing an odor

• Leave the lid up (or door open on front loading models) to allow the inside to thoroughly dry to minimize mold and mildew buildup

Take time to read the service guidebook that is included with new appliances for extra advice on correct use and care.

Danger! Dryer Lint

With time the lint build-up in the dryer and dryer vent pipe comes to be extreme and unsafe. Lint is produced in every load of clothes you dry. This lint will develop inside the vent line, dryer filter, and inside the dryer. Airflow will be minimized; the dryer will overheat and cause a fire threat. Cleaning the lint trap after every single load is crucial, but it is not enough to eradicate the danger. The clothes dryer is the most likely appliance to cause a fire.

Certain signs to be aware of are … clothes are taking much longer to dry, clothes are hotter at the end of the cycle, the outside of the dryer gets very hot, there is little air coming out of the duct exhaust, there is a singed smell in the laundry room. Most dryer performance concerns are triggered by lint blockage.

Dryer vent examination and maintenance should be performed regularly to ensure dryer safety and efficiency. Along with being a fire hazard, an inadequately vented clothes dryer will cost considerably more money to operate.

Practical maintenance goes a long way … visit our website often for appliance repair and troubleshooting tips in addition to suggestions on ways to make home appliances endure longer and operate better. Always have a qualified appliance repair technician provide service…call Professional Appliance Repair, LLC at 504-208-4458.