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Gina M. Fazil was awarded her Dryer Vent Wizard Sacramento franchise in August 2006 when she realized a real need for expansion in the dryer vent cleaning and public awareness niche.

Dryer Vent Wizard is an expert in in dryer fire prevention and “urgent response” clothes dryer and dryer vent upkeep, dryer vent service, replacement and alterations. Service by Dryer Vent Wizard helps keep dryers functioning safely to eliminate dryer fires and decrease energy costs.

Before becoming a Dryer Vent Wizard franchisee, Fazil, former Store Owner in downtown Sacramento traded her store front for a logo-gina uniform to own a Dryer Vent Wizard, Safe Homes, Dry Clothes, franchise in Roseville, Rancho Cordova, Gold River, and surrounding cities and communities in the Greater Sacramento area.

When Gina came to a conclusion she really did not want to carry on operating in retail sales and was certainly not set to retire, she checked into franchising. She found the option of Dryer Vent Wizard stimulating and having been in sales most of her career she took into consideration her opportunity to improve consumer appreciation about the hazard of dryer fires.

“I liked that DVW delivered much needed remedies to consumers’ dryer and dryer vent issues which consequently protects against dryer fires,” stated Fazil.

According to Fazil, public feedback to Dryer Vent Wizard has been positive, but a big part of what she does is educate the consumer. “Anytime people find their dryer taking more than one cycle to dry a load, they assume it to be a technical issue when the real problem is lint accumulation in the dryer vent causing the dryer to work inefficiently and become susceptible to a dryer fire,” stated Fazil.

Longer drying time is merely one warning sign signifying the threat of a dryer fire. Discover more about tips on how you can make your dryer safer and greener at

Contact Dryer Vent Wizard at 888-676-6142 for service.

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